Shanghai Longfeng summed up two years learning attitude

has ranked + harder

is the first contact in the University of Shanghai Longfeng, here that points the way, I think our school is far sighted, because the school opened a new network marketing professional, the professional is not like in other schools. So in the first semester we learned Shanghai dragon, then every day to listen to the teacher what the station optimization, URL optimization, image optimization, just fabulous, also do not have their own to practice, so very confused, always felt standing in a desert can not find the direction, and finally through the teacher the exchange, established the first blog of their own, the practice about Shanghai dragon but the effect is still not very clear, still confused wandering.

in-depth study of Shanghai Longfeng no rankings do not know where to start

first contact Shanghai Dragon: do not understand what confused in Shanghai dragon

Keywords: Keywords:

in the university is really can not find the direction, finally re training network marketing course is determined to find a training organization system, Shanghai dragon why training is one of the main Shanghai dragon training. During the training again to buy space domain name, set up their own Shanghai dragon blog, mastered all the operation process of Shanghai dragon in the training, during which was a bit dizzy with success, also said the Shanghai dragon but so boast without shame. Do the station optimization and stood outside optimization on all OK, wait for ranking.

learning Shanghai dragon should have been nearly two years, in contact with Shanghai dragon to master basic methods and Shanghai dragon to the in-depth study of Shanghai dragon to have certain keywords ranking, currently a full-time study of medical treatment of Shanghai dragon, after the time summary, big body has experienced four kinds of mentality, now the three write out the mentality to those who want to help just contact Shanghai dragon people, let them know that Shanghai dragon must insist on down, some confused at first is only temporary. As long as the breakthrough of those confused words have some ranking is not a dream.

excitedAfter a period of

in the rampant for a period of time after the discovery of the site keywords there has been no change in the 100 after. It makes me crazy Shanghai Longfeng beginners tangled in a complete mess. I have done all the station optimization and stood outside optimization I am looking for friends of the chain every day, why not go to the forum ranking? And finally found the Shanghai dragon far from previously thought so simple.

is the master of Shanghai dragon basic method: despise Shanghai dragon

, in Shanghai love home website carries on the summary and analysis, I found that the chain can not, but to have high quality and high weight website to send. At the beginning of the high weight of the site can only have certain analysis ranking website where I go where hair hair. Finally sorted out their own set of chain resources. Love is not useful to the user in Shanghai 3 proposed web content (sea spider love >

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