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three: well-known


can the rapid progress of the site

we do brand key words not only when acquiring more traffic, and can reduce the site on some of the key words, the long tail keyword rankings rely on, like taobao贵族宝贝, even if the search engine spiders barrier, but the user will directly find the "Taobao" as a brand key words, still you can get a lot of traffic from search engines. This time to build the brand owners in the key words I want to let visitors view and I remember the brand for the purpose, and then make the visitors can through word-of-mouth publicity site will carry out to more people, then the progress of the site visibility. Therefore, the brand key words build my enterprise can follow the prescribed order in progress the awareness of the enterprise site..

high conversion rate of every enterprise is the pursuit of the site. The influence of corporate brand on the conversion rate of the enterprise, I think every enterprise has deep understanding. When I like to buy clothes online, always like to choose some of my favorite brands, even if the brand price will be relatively high. This is the brand, the brand will give consumers more trust, where the customer is a living example, consumers have to trust the brand in the unconscious in the city. If we optimized brand key words can promote enterprise’s brand benefit, the transformation rate of progress of the enterprise site.

throughout the search industry, the large flow of key words are some large old station plays, and if you want some site competition, I think is a kind of egg stone behavior, even if you have a need to persevere perseverance, also needs a long time to see the consequences. About the key words some misty, the webmaster how to a tree and left in front of the jungle. Key words and the competitiveness of the competitors but also from time to time to prevent look at fiercely as a tiger does. This can be optimized for the long tail keyword is simple, of course, we should speak the key words brand today. So compared with mainstream key words, brand key words why so mainly to business site

and the sought after key words differences, corporate brand as key words are essentially unique brand name, marking key words of enterprises, so the brand key word competition strength naturally will be very low. As Taobao mall just changed to Tmall, and the brand Tmall keyword because the Internet is unique, so in the natural time optimization and the intensity of competition is very low. The brand key words compared to the traditional popular keyword competition less.

two: enterprise brand key word competition

: a relatively high conversion rate of

of course build a corporate brand key word also is not a simple work, this not only needs the enterprise concentration operation, also need to have a heart to persevere enterprise. Today we are talking about here, I hope that this article is about the establishment of "brand key words I

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