Shanghai Longfeng optimization should follow the constancy of the rules

in the previous time, he broke a minute to achieve ranking by Sina micro-blog, Shanghai Post Bar in love is everywhere, Sina micro-blog post, hastily brush out a pile of address to keyword ranking. However, long time no good times don’t last long, this method is not feasible, and even part of the site tired by the drastic decline in ranking. And recently, electric brush down the word to rank example, although it and there for example, but it is only a short period of time to achieve ranking. Now the word down brush is many? But there are some people ranking but continued to decline, so. What is the Shanghai dragon skills, the pursuit of constant optimization method of real innovative way, is the optimization of the king.

thought to gradual precipitation

website optimization step by step

may have been lost in memory, although know this truth from the heart, but when the blind repute always used the site and cause such examples use unscrupulous divisive tactics backfired, meet the eye everywhere. Some people say, "this way too old, others are how can I highlight yourself?" The old method can make innovation, others are outside the chain of fixed station with this method every day, can’t you stop that? Online can send the chain of the community, and friendship platform to win, just to see if you can not find. If you are looking for is not the case, look at those high weights of the site is the chain how do a big deal to follow it. And generally exist for the long chain are some of the quality of the chain, the quality of the links have been eliminated, the innovative site outside the chain optimization is not superior in this way? Why thinking about what the chain with all software released the chain and not be found in the search engine? Not knowing that the software provided in the address may have been included in the search engines will kill list, as early as in the door waiting for you to die.

station is a group of young people the development of construction industry, according to a survey of possession under the age of 25 in personal webmaster webmaster in the vast number of owners to share. But most of the real success is that near the station a few persons over the age of 25. Do people over the age of 25 about that? I really think that just thinking. Under the age of 25, most of the people just out of school, not free play of habits to do things, so do a need strong Yi.

technique can reach Shanghai dragon "42 pounds" to enhance the website ranking speed, so more and more people join the ranks of the Shanghai dragon optimization. Progressive is no longer practical to listen to people, in turn, some obscure skills has angered a voice of praise. Just like in the A5 write a soft Wen, Wenzhongqiusheng the click rate is so poor, and some vice method is especially favored by the people. In fact, the fundamental reason is attributed to some owners do not understand the Shanghai dragon, short for ranking is not necessarily a good thing, in turn, said: "when will your site into the abyss.

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