The search engine included only three reasons for not included in the page of the website

more than three direct three reasons why search engine only included the home page is not included in the small plait feel the most direct reason for the other 3, what the chain effect with IP / site / article low quality of other reasons, Xiao Bian here is not described.


third is a small reason most unbearable is that the host server is not stable;

is a new web site so search engines have a trial period, is also the search engine to determine the period of a new website; before love Shanghai algorithm is not updated when the trial period for general railway station is generally about 1 months. Now, as long as there are regular updates without much collection articles, this time will be about 1-2 weeks; remember! Don’t make certain new collected articles, or alone 1-2 weeks not included in the page, the direct K station is also possible.

so the second reason is that the robots.txt file rules wrong;

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this seemingly simple problem has plagued many novice webmaster friends, why? Because in small circles many wanted to build a personal blog friends have asked me: "my site every day when the update, after a long time why search engines are not included in the website the page only included the home page?" today I will give three reasons why simple analytical search engine only included the home page not included in the page; it is a little Shanghai dragon

optimization skills! The original !

many online personal blog source program is the default with the robots.txt file, and most of which are written from default search engines do not climb URL path, many novice Webmaster Station in the robots.txt file write error from the search engines crawl the URL page in the website path; so the direct cause the search engine doesn’t crawl the site pages in the included. The reasons are generally in the process of novice webmaster to explore and learn in both of them to modify the file cause. If your website search engine is not included in the page then please check the website of the root directory of the robots.txt file

Xiao Bian think first of the most direct reason is that because it is new sites;


now because of the rise of the Internet, more and more people will complete their own independent website, so do the IDC proxy server and the company is also increasing; many novice webmaster because of understanding is not much, so it will choose some small unknown host to buy the host server, although on the surface a lot cheaper money however, due to the instability of The loss outweighs the gain. host server is an important cause of the direct search engines crawl the web to fail and not included.

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