Yang Shanghai Dragon optimization excessive website ranking drop even by K

Shanghai dragon is sometimes do not follow the law, take the optimization to say too much, not to give it a quantitative, perhaps different actual situation of each station, the same operation result is completely different.

7, the external factors, the chain increased irregularly, increase the number of short chain; Links are high in PR links.

what is the optimization of its performance over? Where is it? Then take a look at the following:


2, the website keyword density is too high, the general density recommended value: 2% density is less than 8%, of course some site density is too high or not has the same density ranking, the weight of the keyword density accounted for has been very small, we according to the natural normal syntax to write on the line.

6, the content of too much and too many target keywords link, such as some large blog interspersed with keywords, more blunt go in, there is a common thought, * * * * * * think themselves as an expert like. These words have 3 or more of the chain to the home page, the anchor text links to a page of some other articles have 5-10 or more, and almost each are so, so there will not be considered excessive search optimization, K station and you still can not find the reason, think he did not do illegal things from what. Of course, you will also see some links to the station will be a lot, but high weight is another matter, so do not follow the law.

1, the page title, description of the deposit, such as Shanghai, Wenzhou Shanghai, Wenzhou Longfeng _ _ Shanghai Longfeng Wenzhou Shanghai dragon _ promotion website promotion training _ Wenzhou Shanghai dragon _ Wenzhou website optimization Shanghai Longfeng consultancy services, looking at such title who are tired, long winded.

personally think that the above points can explain what is optimal over the above points may have caught you, but your ranking is very good, ha ha, you broke character, please make a few more ranking station. If you >

8, need to supplement the place in the comments…

… The anchor text link

4, can do to optimize the place, such as the main navigation, navigation, H1, H2, bold, bold, italics, links, pictures ALT attribute what all do on the optimization, optimization purpose too deliberately exposed to the search engine.

3, the anchor text of all the same, it includes inside and outside the station, for example, all of the use of Shanghai dragon chain to your home page. So people often say that the anchor text should be natural, diversification is the truth.

5, the title of the article (such as uniform to double Wenzhou Shanghai dragon) at the beginning of this, though I am not sure whether the optimization is excessive, but the theory is not natural, but the user experience is not good, before I have done this, but soon realized that bad, immediately corrected. So now you in my blog could see this title.

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