K station 100 day love Shanghai forced me out of a better way

91 mobile phone market downloads:


in Shanghai K out of my first month, I still hope for the restoration of love in Shanghai, more high quality original, more outside the chain of high quality makes me terribly fatigued, when I started to think about the meaning of a site, when I found that a micro-blog is actually a net station a chance, let me come into contact with the mobile phone APP, there are a lot of free APP websites on the Internet at present, we can not spend a penny with the software to generate your own APP, and it can be unrestricted to add their own advertising.

I said about the operating ideas, I was a decoration industry website, the owner can log on my website to view a variety of decoration case, can also be Home Furnishing commodity through the Taobao customer program login Taobao to buy used in the decoration, in the love of Shanghai K station, I started at the beginning of the September a month and a half hours through the network free APP generation program produced one hundred and four APP mobile phone application from the end of July, some of these APP are decoration knowledge, some decoration effect diagram, some decoration construction experience and decoration diary, the purchase of furniture and some knowledge and life knowledge Home Furnishing introduction, the frequent usage of my web site and promotional language in these APP inside, just download the APP, at least 1/3 will log on my website, even as they trust the developer of APP, I love PV than before Shanghai K station Also improve a lot, IP from the previous day to the one thousand day now reached about 3000IP, the most important is the site of PV is greatly improved, the purchase rate of Taobao customers have improved significantly, the more moisture than before. The most important thing is no longer afraid of being K. Because several other search engine traffic rarely, so I IP mostly by hand.

love Shanghai 6.28 earthquake to a normal station K I fell, and do not say to their original high degree is not high, do not say that he is not really normal operation, anyway, I’m not on his life, today I will put the new way to share A5 friends, hope many webmaster friends also according to their own situation to find a new path of development, not only rely on love not only by Shanghai, Shanghai.


mumayi market downloads:



here is a screenshot, I just shot down from mumayi platform, from 8.15 to October 10th, less than two months, total downloads of my software in mumayi market has reached more than 70000, more than 60000 downloads in the mobile phone market is 91, plus the Android mobile phone market flies, the mobile phone market, APPchina 360 mobile phone software center and many unknown life on the acquisition of the mobile phone market, total downloads two months to nearly 200 thousand, and all are accurate flow oh.

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