Love Shanghai right down how to deal with the site back to life

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5, to the needs of professionals to help

website can be right down, the site itself has some problems, try to remove traces of the original article on page optimization, is a good medicine to make the site restoration of weight, must make good use of.

with love Shanghai algorithm constantly updated and improved, down the right site seems to be a homely food thing, this is plagued by countless stationmaster whenever and wherever possible, once the site suffered right down to restore doom in a short time is a very difficult thing. Many websites have experienced from the almost right down to the recovery process.

2, analysis of the site to drop right

want to talk about today is how to restore the natural to web site is down right after, to determine the site right down is actually very simple, in addition to the new sites, the general site will appear right down: site only home page, the website included, in addition to the end of the month in Shanghai keywords love big update ranking overnight 100 besides, the website included all disappeared, domain is not in the home and so on. Then the site down right after we do

3, adjust the site

4, Shanghai’s

1, adjust the psychological state of

site drop right also have light weight, slightly down right may be tempted to love Shanghai, adhere to the update website will soon resume ranking, once suffered severe drop right, site is subjected to at least be waiting for the crowning calamity, three months will slowly recover. This time suggest that you can consider replacing the domain name, website data before the pack up and move to eliminate the optimization trace, ban robots crawling, all new sites, but must change all source code, can be the same industry. The effect is obvious.

found many webmaster in site is down right will be taken by surprise, it actually didn’t know what to do about all of a sudden, this is standing taboo, maintain a sense of balance is a prerequisite for successful webmaster. The web site is down right after we need to calm down, first check before and their ranking website ranking almost any changes, and observe whether there is love Shanghai Webmaster Platform message or the latest news. Patiently waiting for Shanghai to restore love continue to maintain and update the rankings.

many webmaster in website down right after a long time to find a way out, it is difficult to restore the site weight, this time may be appropriate to consider to help Shanghai dragon industry veteran needs, such as A5 and Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis platform pig network is a very good choice, in which the author has received a lot of help. Hope the webmaster friends site better and better, to build up the family fortunes. The electronic commerce network (贵族宝贝d>

if you feel site without any problems or drop right after the problem has been solved, can appeal to love Shanghai, love Shanghai as soon as possible on the site of a detection, in order to restore the site weight.

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