Love Shanghai bidding quality to enhance the degree of combat skills

add new ideas to the quality is not high before the unit, also do not delete, and using alternate, matching with the keywords selected for more creative. And give the corresponding URL landing page keywords planned one-to-one, the more, relative to the above >



4, a comprehensive rectification

3, the new

2 suspensionKeywords


any sex Shanghai bidding users are hoping to improve the quality of love for the account of Shanghai, especially the new line of 10 points out of 5 star quality, the quality of the keywords division more and more obvious, from low to high, the higher the score, the better the quality of the higher degree of competition.

suspended some poor quality, the purpose is to let the other high quality keyword matching over, this method is also very good, if you don’t put the low quality of the word of farewell is not suspended over the keywords matching. Since it is to other high quality keyword matching, it will need to find some good ranking keyword phrases or to open widely, if the price is a little higher then it would be better to do so, the purpose is to let the keywords you have excellent history. For a very simple example, you take account of "Shenzhen construction site which good" the low quality of key words pause, you can put the words related to quality of Shenzhen website construction "good open widely, which can play a driving effect, but may require more widely you know the cost.

program, the unit keywords quality is not high transfer to plan new unit, to write creative, grasp the relationship between liquidity factors, and set more relevant to the landing page. This method is commonly used, will need to optimize the word re segmentation, and then the new planning unit, you can even a keyword corresponding to a unit or a keyword in a unit and a plan, which can optimize the keyword more accurate and relevant. At the same time also allows the other unit or the overall plan of higher quality.

keywords transfer to a higher degree of overall quality of plan, you know the premise. Through the planning unit of the whole higher quality promote and improve the quality of poor keywords, this is a good way. The same can also put keywords quality is not good to add to the similar units in the plan, of course this unit also needs the overall quality of higher degree. Remember: to find a good pit.

1, metastasisThe poor quality of

keywordThe new

this shows once again that love Shanghai promotion of the importance of quality, enhance the degree of several major quality aspects: optimize the account structure, ranking optimization, optimization of the landing page and optimize these ideas, is the key to the core of things, of course, is something bigger. In the actual process will extend from the aspects of many skills, here and share some:

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