Love Shanghai how to judge the quality of the station page

The repetition rate of

method to improve the value of the site:



The signal-to-noise ratio of


has the two attributes of the page, if the search engine spider found the page is in the time of the outbreak of the "things" or "outbreak" before, we believe that this page has timeliness.

this is one of the core factors of search engine quality, many enterprises website navigation is fixed, the left and right there are some disturbing experience that the only point in a picture. From the perspective of the web page, not only to provide something of value, is not to attract users to continue browsing something more advertising, let users feel disgusting, how can this site who will continue to watch? Is simply the text and non text proportion of non text the proportion, shows high signal-to-noise ratio. Chongqing Shanghai dragon Ceng Xiaolong originally wrote an article "how to" quality "is to create a method of rapid increase of said page quality.

is a two page description of things only for a period of time have discussed the heat with the passage of time, the heat decreased significantly. This is a kind of "news".

is a person of the article included many times, was reprinted many times, and the search engine will be as like as two peas, determine whether such website quality is poor, is pure repetitive, compared with the sources, there is no value of the search.

, a website is website ranking or participation in the page ranking, ranking the individual website but not involved in the search page, love Shanghai Shanghai dragon, webmaster tools is home, Shanghai dragon research center is home, now in Shanghai Longfeng ranking is the front page of the site, there are the contents page, why do you want to study the page quality degree? Is the value of the page, if the site has 1000 pages, the 1000 page is not included may end, now 99.99% of the web page included are limited, generated every day millions of pages are counted, the search engine hardware resources are limited, in this case, the research value of the page in order to improve is included, if the page quality is poor, the value will be very low, included will be affected. Study on the quality of the page of two benefits: 1. to improve the website included 2. Websites Ranking.


Link control

is a page description of the event itself in line with the current people are the topic of discussion, the topic must be spread easily. In fact, this is a manifestation of the audience.

"timeliness" is an attribute value of the page, it is reflected in two aspects:

in the text and hyperlinks is meaningless, but the number of links to the page, the number of links can query the whole web page use webmaster tools, the link is not more and more unfavorable for ranking. "

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