Liang Weiping was very anxious to sell live off the property after he moved to O2O

reported in April 15th ran technology Tencent

sold the live off Liang Weiping (micro-blog) is relaxing for him this is a new opportunity, means to throw off the burden on the road again.

is located in Shanghai City, Minhang District new city is still for lease, Liang Weiping with dozens of live off the jioubu in just a week ago settled here, whether it is from the wall of the roof like Logo or "home" of the new company name, you can judge, Liang Weiping began eight years ago and actually no end, but changed the way again.

in the outside world are still lamenting the fate of anjuke, calculate the purchase price of 58 city gives $267 million is not for sale, Liang Weiping with "lucky" to describe this important turning point in his personal business on the road.

"I have seen all sorts of problems of information mode, and then rely on my personal promotion has been very difficult, just 58 city value it, integrated information platform with 58 years ahead strategy, for me it is of course very lucky".

sell live off before, was very anxious

"we appreciate live off the team, even in the industry are relatively low-level means to compete, to attack competitors, they have never done similar things," a senior managers from last August to the Tencent technology commented anjuke.

When the

in the evaluation of the opponent, anjuke has begun looking for buyers, adhere to the information platform model eight years in the background of China property market cold, suddenly seemed to lose direction.

the most serious impact from the first half of 2014, the boycott of intermediaries, the collective shelves of houses on the housing and home buyers such information platform has a fatal impact on the business. As a listed company’s housing prices continued to decline, and live off second times to the United States and the listing of the plan was again stranded.

"that’s a lot of anxiety, because you know where the problem is, but it’s hard to make a real change in the original business system".

anjuke founded the years began to Chinese real estate market, even when the market has a similar pattern of housing, which also has a US listed company, anjuke founded in the first few years still go Everything is going smoothly.

in the first four years of the establishment of live off, it can be said that the company pushed me forward, do not have to think about the future there are many things waiting for us to do". At the beginning of automatics, product innovation ability to live off, on the other hand is that a few years Chinese real estate market environment are booming.


real estate information platform from birth with chronic illness has been plagued by Liang Weiping, "the real estate transaction from looking to the completion of the transaction is a very long chain, with >

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