Love Shanghai bidding tutorial of the full range of multi angle creative writing

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Description: XX is a well-known I brand, currently XX IT education system employees more than XX, the authorized training center of more than XX, more than XX universities nationwide, more than XX City, the market share reached XX%. The course is XX.

can use the keywords you can locate potential customers in Shanghai promote the background, creative role is to help you attract potential customers. The importance of creative quality for the account has promotion effect is self-evident. Good ideas can make your promotion results in many competitors in the creative talent shows itself, in order to attract potential customers visit your site, and further understand the products or services you offer based on Web browsing, this will change behavior, such as submitting orders online, telephone consultation, online customer service access. Good ideas can make the website to get more attention, but also it is possible to obtain more transformation, bring more benefits for customers. In addition, for a good idea, its correlation with the keywords are higher, based on a certain rank, can get a higher click rate. There is a high correlation and click rate, can enhance the quality of the relevant keywords, so as to reduce the average click price, saving the cost of customer promotion.

1, enterprise or product introduce creative Recommendation Index: * *.


have a general statement of enterprise products and service self introduction, mainly to explain what is the enterprise? What to do or what? What products or services provided for

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Title: Computer Science, XX industry leading brand

SEMadmin and SEMer team in daily communication that there will always be some people often ignore the importance of creative quality or didn’t pay attention to it. Or because of less experience and key words too much, budget, part-time positions and many other reasons, the entire account product keywords but different product ideas that are basically the same, after using the insert wildcard and some even the least fluent degree is not guaranteed, to fall in love with the sea competition price advertising click rate is low, all show a lower rate. In fact, as long as we can have a comprehensive understanding of their accounts, you can from different angles to write out more good ideas, the SEM club will give you some idea of creative writing. This article from SEMadmin (SEM Club), SEM Club dedicated search engine for the exchange of technology promotion personnel, please leave the copyright information



SEMadmin the last stage of love Shanghai for promotion tutorial for beginners new to SEM, the dedication of the feast. So the first part of the article is from the concept. The veterans have read the novel after reading the first half of the speed of

this idea is suitable for the enterprise has a certain scale, visibility, >

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