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about Shanghai Longfeng, strict definition: refers to the basis of natural ranking mechanism in the search engine, adjust and optimize the internal and external of the site and improve the natural ranking web site in the search engine keywords, get to show more volume, attract more targeted customers visit the site, so as to achieve Internet Marketing and brand the target of construction. Search engine principle is changing, change the search principle will directly lead to changes in the website keyword search engine rankings, so search engine optimization is not a once and for all.

looked at the above definition of professional, which pointed out that the main work of Shanghai Longfeng optimization are: the adjustment and optimization of internal and external to the website, the article is the internal optimization of a major part of the work, but not all, continue to update the main role is to keep the site, let the search engine more included our web pages, so that the search engine that our website is a connotation, value of the site, in order to improve the website in search engine friendliness, enhance the website ranking! And in the article at the same time, with the optimization of the site itself to release the soft interior structure. For example, the website chain layout, keyword density and so on, and to some extent also increase the value of the site. The hair of the chain, is a major work of external optimization, through in our other websites, blogs, forums and information platform released with our website link text, pictures, advertisements and so on, to the layout of our website external links, so as to attract flow, increase our web page is more included thus, to improve our website and enhance the weight of keywords in a search engine ranking purposes.

in addition to the two major work, in fact, like a small series of Shanghai Longfeng workers, there is a lot of work to do, we should do some corresponding adjustment according to the specific performance of the single site, and not to take over a to send the article and the chain, wait for ranking go, this is impossible! If this is the case, then we would not be lost? "

In the case before the !

share, the author first to explain a Shanghai dragon misunderstanding! Sometimes, someone asked me, what do you do, I say do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, some people say: "Oh, is dedicated to the site of the chain, is it?" we first from the analysis of this sentence, when I say your occupation, can say this sentence is also believed that the understanding of this aspect, good, also know that the main work of Shanghai dragon, believe it is engaged in Internet work. But then again, his words mean nothing more than: Shanghai dragon = the + chain. Shanghai dragon is not send articles, send the chain. When we talk about this, believe each Shanghai Longfeng practitioners must have psychological discomfort, this is clearly a very professional version

so let us look for a professional definition of Shanghai dragon is what kind of.

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