Shanghai Longfeng regularization is a trend

said Shanghai Longfeng boring work, but this is not entirely correct, so why would anyone think it boring to do optimization. In fact they do not approach, all the wrong they use black hat optimization makes dull and has no fun. This makes the lottery website program site appears a lot of problems, these problems will make to solve, this process will make the optimization become dull. There will be problems in the process of optimization, the problem to solve it, and then make a record, the process itself is a challenge, but also a kind of happiness, how will it be boring.

web structure of

Shanghai dragon gradually improve

statistics 1, improve the


3, Shanghai dragon operation improvement

as long as it is to the user experience for the purpose of the site will be a great success, which is why the reasons for the success of many large websites. We have to think about the construction site of the lottery website program from the user experience, so it can also beautify the website from perspective to consider the user is not feel so beautiful, so as to improve the site. We should consider the experience from the customer, so you can find and correct the shortcomings, when users search for lottery website program keywords, find exactly what she wants, but also to the user’s way of reading out of the investigation.

4, perfect

will produce large amounts of data in the optimization process, these data will be on you in the later period of the optimization to help you, so do the lottery website program site statistics work is very important, the authenticity and validity of these data will help you reduce the time and cost in the later work. So the data to do meticulous, let people understand at a glance. "

website is to solve problems and questions for the user, then the value of the site is manifested, but its content value will be more big. We also know that in the daily work of the above, when a lot of the lottery website program, optimization of the concept of misunderstanding, the use of black hat during the operation process, make the website content many excessive repetition, it is also reflected in the optimization process, the optimization becomes very difficult, so in the process to try to be simple, the duplicate content reduced, a reduction in the error, this is the right way.

related content is perfectThe

in Shanghai Longfeng this algorithm constantly adjust today, as a Shanghai dragon worker, his pressure is still quite large, because we have to face this algorithm changes beyond the control of the non-human factors, to get their lottery website marketing program ranking to improve, because in our own web site’s relative lack of understanding of Shanghai Longfeng lack of knowledge of systematic learning and summary. These human and non-human factors in prompting Shanghai Longfeng workers increased, the realization of how to optimize, starting from the user experience is the hard truth.

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