Site of the Shanghai dragon Optimization customer first

biggest goal is to provide services to customers, rather than search engine, good service is now a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization facing a key bottleneck lies in their optimization from the beginning of the optimization strategy on the problems, such as focus on the optimization of search engine optimization, optimization and ignore the user’s search engine, once the wind sways grass. When will an optimization of the staff to be taken by surprise.

therefore, website optimization strategy in the new core in turn, to service users, such as through the chain in many ways, and enter through the analysis of website content, website function, make the user feel great help on the website, and very easy to use, now the search engine page why so simple, is to in order to let the user can be very easy to use, rather than Taobao, also need a period of study, it can be used in this sense, the site must have a simple, unique and rich content, we can achieve better service users.

now do site optimization personnel changes, love Shanghai often do not know what course to take algorithm, although some of the core of Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel can grasp the love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, that is to bring a high-quality website more help as much as possible in the Internet, this website is only the most love love Shanghai, but this Shanghai dragon the optimization effect seems to be not expected, can not bring new change to the website ranking, but only to improve the quality of the site, often the right way, the lack of these natural effect will lead to optimization.

some optimization personnel around the user’s operation and design optimization principle, this principle is the site around the user, search engine needs to be placed in a relatively small place, the corresponding optimization effect through the user experience, it seems to be a good method, but the concept is simple or false., the actual situation is very difficult, this paper from three aspects to analyze details of how users around the website optimization method.

website optimization is to grasp the user needs, optimize personnel, the needs of users is a dynamic concept, is a change over time, which requires the optimization of personnel should be closely combined with the website development, website.

three, understand the needs of users

Shanghai dragon

now, the user from the search engine entrance entrance 7, which shows the importance of search engine, but there are other more than three users through other channels, such as advertising, enter the network links, so in the propaganda site, will not of course, simply ignore this three users of the search engine, apparently the first entrance, to strengthen the content through the optimization of the long tail keywords and various forms of the web site in the search engine visibility, but also increase the number of offline advertising and other high weight forum released some ads, of course, to release some sites consistent user group related channel, therefore, it can effectively promote the website promotion effect.

, a marketing should be diversified

two, give customers the good service of

The key of

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