Select the appropriate keywords in order to ensure the highest conversion rate


in the word "excavator training", although the index is not very high, but after all, than the "Ji’nan excavator training" a bit difficult. In addition to the above pay more energy, more important is the word to bring traffic to the real area service to customer churn. So from the two aspects above, the selection of target words, appropriate is good, there is no need to pursue those high traffic keywords.

is now a lot of friends in the selection of target words, will go through a comprehensive analysis of some external tools, but I want to say today, some words do not index is higher, the greater the flow conversion rate will be the same high. Obviously this is not appropriate, so do not need to pursue in the choice of keywords, to ensure proper.

finished site conversion rate


is talking about "website conversion rate", then we again from knowledge to deeply analyze the concept, explain the concept of love Shanghai encyclopedia is given: website conversion rate = visited volume / total traffic to the corresponding action. We usually have to in the pursuit of high flow, high flow because of potential customers can bring to a lot more, but you spend a lot of effort to get so much traffic in the end be able to bring much of the conversion rate. If you just blindly pursue the flow of words, then put in the formula that is constantly in pursuit of "total visits", however, the total traffic is bigger, but too much traffic, so the conversion rate of the site will reduce. So, in this case, the conversion rate with more and more traffic will become more and more small.

has a small station in the optimization of the company, such as excavators, forklifts on education and training websites. Through the love of Shanghai index, love Shanghai promotion assistant and related search methods such as query results, to obtain higher weights and more traffic, so in the choice of above will choose "excavator training" and "excavator school" and so on this index of word, but these words really do it, and you pay the flow is proportional to the conversion rate of

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obviously, this is not the right keywords optimization. We must aim at your site’s business scope, and the specific service area to select keywords. For example my site positioning in the Ji’nan area of the excavator training industry keywords, so we can choose the "Ji’nan excavator training" this did not even love Shanghai index to do. Here the specific explanation, if you do "excavator training" of the word to the home page, although the greater the flow, of course is in the Ji’nan area. But the error is wasting too much energy, so take more time to do other things not better. This is we often say that within the scope of Shanghai dragon, do some search engine license thing, completes the optimization effect in the short period of time by means of black hat, this is enough.

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