Aiming at the problem of enterprise marketing strategy of micro blog

marketing is also facing the problem of positioning, mainly includes the following several questions. The first is who you are, namely micro-blog’s identity. The main products include enterprises and the development of vision, the location of the main purpose is to let the other micro-blog users can quickly clear micro-blog corporate identity and leave a deep impression. The second is what you want to do, what effect, namely the function of micro-blog. Determine the location restrictions micro-blog enterprise publication, which means that micro-blog should be the content of functional positioning. Third that the image positioning of micro-blog, micro-blog is the enterprise what the image identity display, some experts on the micro-blog brand personality to describe this position, that is very easy to get through micro-blog.

Internet era, consumers get than any previous era has more advantages in information. The dissemination of information from the previous one-way transmission in the Web2.0 era into two-way transmission, and even network communication. In such an environment, micro-blog marketing enterprises must change the idea, make efforts to study on potential user needs, research and development to meet customer demand for products and services, and through active customer interaction to understand them, change the one-way dissemination of information the old marketing concept. At present the enterprise micro-blog throughout the development, product information release, prize forwarding, joke broke, seemingly crowded, but from marketing purpose, still remain at the low level in the hope that the one-way transmission of the information on the nature can not bring change to the enterprise marketing.

two, also known as "marketing positioning marketing for workers in the target market (the market and potential customers) marketing technology’s shaping products, brand image or personality or organization. The enterprise according to the competitors for existing products in the market place for consumers or users pay more attention to the product characteristics or attributes in some degree, strong to create the enterprise products out of the ordinary, impressive personality or image, and the image vividly to the customers, in order to enable the product to determine the appropriate position in the market.

Function of market positioning and system design of micro-blog ! Micro-blog

before I have shared a "enterprise of micro-blog marketing process problems", we can look at the first, this paper mainly I share with you is to solve these problems, solve the enterprise should adopt what strategy to solve the system of enterprise marketing, better micro-blog. The micro era, we accelerate the pace, an inattentive will be out 100

, a micro-blog marketing concept set up by the correct marketing method in the marketing concept, marketing effect depends on the marketing method. For micro-blog marketing of enterprises, establish the concept of what is very important, this idea decides whether the enterprise can obtain the long-term expected effect. The marketing concept development has experienced production oriented, product oriented, marketing oriented, marketing oriented and social marketing oriented stage, among which the first three is the traditional marketing concept, marketing and social marketing oriented to the modern marketing concept.

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