Four strokes to fix keyword selection problem

website data analysis


Trick three:


such as Daddy where the words, we can see from these three places are clear, and the main key words long tail keywords closely related. In order to dig a large number of words, for us in the choice of words.

Trick two: Trick four:



love Shanghai word digging tool

third party


keyword toolFor example, Jinhua

love Shanghai promotion assistant, love Shanghai’s tools, precision than third party recommended. Is provided to the user’s bidding. But we can also use the free use. Download a client, can be used to register a.


Hello, today to tell you about psychedelic mining how deep. Find suitable keywords often to walk a lot less after the wrong way. So exactly how do we find these keywords

keyword tool. And after word tools.


(love Shanghai drop-down box and relevant search, know love Shanghai)

love Shanghai own search

is based on the fantasy? Or they are not guess?. Let me teach you four strokes. Keywords mining perfect fix.

(statistical flow analysis)

One trick:

concluded: we can use this to find the long tail keywords all four strokes. Then do a keyword filtering table. You can see what keywords you can do, what keywords little competition. Choose the most suitable. We need to pick out after the keyword selection and analysis. Everyone in the choice must invest, don’t look at this word is very hot, high degree of search to do the word, often under a lot of effort or no good results, to choose their own keywords is the key. Due to limited space, want to know more about the Shanghai dragon tutorial friends can go to my blog. There are many practical cases. I hope to help you. 贵族宝贝w2jk贵族宝贝/

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