Case analysis from BR1 to br4 the optimal site for two months

2, not



if the 2 love Shanghai search engine optimization document, accord with the standard of Shanghai dragon.

One of the four

love to Shanghai August volume:

5, a chain that can not say, their station BR is low, others will not suffer for you, so br up again, try to change someone else br> Br2

The shortcomings of

from the end of June to now at the beginning of September, from BR1 to br4, the overall optimization effect is obvious, without the truth, take a look at the effect:


1, the increase in the number of daily updates, increase in sea included number, from the beginning of July included in the site number from the original more than 1000 to more than 5000 now, love Shanghai in search volume 2500.


2, each page of content to do good, keyword density controllable.

3, every update, snapshot remained the next day.


3, cnzz data software installation (the original station is installed, but only displayed on the home page, instead of the station, fainting)

1, most titles with keywords.

2, fell in love with the sea included the amount of about 2000


Shanghai Longfeng original internal foundation is good, the advantages and disadvantages of this said.

love to Shanghai July volume:

update 4, the website map (page just do ugly ah)

4, all contents can quickly reach the front page spider to grab


1, station 1 years 5 months

September love

5, friends of the chain quality is not high enough

mining, 2 long tail keywords, help increase br value (BR value is in the number of keywords and ranking the first 5 pages of about

for Shanghai dragon Er practitioners, now more and more difficult to optimize the site, and the same type of website is more and more, increasing competition; two, the construction of the chain channels less through external channels to promote more and more difficult to site weight. There are a lot of Shanghai Longfeng employees left the army, optimization. This summer I took over a network, the basic situation:


3, Shanghai love weight 1

1, volume less than

did not update the site map

3, statistics do not

4, the construction of the chain of more than 10 thousand

site structure clear, articles within the chain from the content to the content, the content to the content to the home page column, the level of clear

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