Do novice skills and simple method of chain

finally, and we talk about one of the more important, we also tend to ignore the word tags. For all the tags, not pay attention to the main keywords, long tail keywords that attention. In fact, tag Keywords tag keyword function is great, and is also the "spider" love. I hope everyone especially for the novice, to pay attention to this. At the same time, also note keyword density.

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Shanghai dragon But with the

Shanghai dragon came from the United States China less than ten years, its role is no doubt now for Chinese. At the same time, for the study of Shanghai Longfeng people know that it is not so easy to learn. Here I want to say, learning Shanghai dragon can not remember instant success, not impatient. We need to learn the idea of Shanghai dragon, and then began to practice, summed up in practice and experience.


Er all know that we must first do Shanghai dragon hair of the chain, the chain’s purpose is to make the weight of your own website and rank in Shanghai and Google home page. So, a good way to send the chain is to write an article, update the article, the purpose is to tell the "spider" their website has been updated, with new content. First of all, here I would like to let you know, we write the article is to give users see. Copy and paste is not blindly, make false original. Through this period of study and summarize that the best way to earn more than the chain is to write the original article, I know this is difficult for some Shanghai dragon Er, but you should know that no one’s success is from accidental, and the accumulation of efforts is the stepping stone to success the road. In fact, we can change an angle to think, as a user to think. If we are a user, see an article, what is the first reaction, will make what evaluation on this article, going to see this article, will not go to the store, will recommend to your friends? So, we want to see the valuable content to the user, this kind of your efforts don’t waste your site will get promotion.

then, I want to tell those newbies, learning Shanghai dragon is the first step to understanding the basic elements, such as: what is the title of the website, what is the key word, what is what is the long tail keywords tag, keywords etc.. Know these, you learn Shanghai dragon, the hair of the chain is a great group of

about Shanghai dragon holds a high position in the market to do more and Chinese, Shanghai dragon Er Comrades, must take their own thinking to open. Shanghai Longfeng future development prospects, is not only in the hair of the chain, pseudo original, original, copy and paste. The core of it on the user’s body. What is now business often a sentence: "the customer is god." As long as make the customer satisfied with our products. Our company can develop, you can survive.

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