Enterprise website five points for Shanghai dragon most noteworthy

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(ALT): enterprise website has its own products, so no matter on the home page or inside pages will have some pictures of products are displayed. But the picture in Shanghai Longfeng process appears to have been not very friendly, but never mind, the most important thing is to be processed, if the number of website images less little, if it is a large number of pictures must be processed, so that we can guarantee the website open speed. In addition to a number of Shanghai dragon ER will talk about the problem, that is to use the ALT attribute, my answer and everyone else, must be used, and don’t forget to use. Because in the local ALT property is equivalent to have a picture of the anchor text label. The use of ALT is absolutely harmless.

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enterprise website is one of our most webmasters are not unfamiliar, that class are also in the enterprise before many webmaster in the personal website, many also have optimized the enterprise website experience, on the whole, the enterprise website is mostly built to showcase the company’s image, so in Shanghai Longfeng on there are no special requirements too much, but not all of the enterprises are, for most enterprise website, or hope to increase the number of user traffic and orders through the basic Shanghai Longfeng optimization, before I worked in a company, optimize enterprise stand, so with a little experience to discuss and you do Shanghai dragon enterprise website should pay attention to the place.

(TITLE): the title with a look feel more easily, but they found the problem, the most important enterprise website it updates the content, nor is it a new snapshot site, because it is the nature of the product rather than the information, so the search engine can judge to this site if not often the update will also have good weight, because this kind of website is relatively stable, so the most important enterprise website is the product information, and the title of the page is the product of information feedback. But a few common mistake is home page and page keywords accumulation, with a title, or in order to optimize the long tail keywords and deliberately to replace the inside pages of the title. These are a common phenomenon, hope novice webmaster do not make similar mistakes.

(CSS): this position also can understand the layout or structure. The enterprise website will not spend too much time and effort to do the external links, and personal websites are not the same, so the overall weight of the site is limited, so the important content must rely on before or on the left, even on the page on the right position, but also through the CSS to put the code in the up position. This will allow search engines to quickly find the important content of the site, such as the article on the left, while the list and the list is placed in the right. Do not underestimate this move, because it will directly affect the weight of web pages, because some web content too much on the lower right, the search engine will not give too much weight, then the long tail word will not have good rankings.

The title

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