Those who are not included in the page need to submit links


sites in grasping abnormalities, can see a lot of 404 error code, which is called the chain, then you have to do is to identify Webmaster Platform >


technology to find the source, immediately take action to remove the page for search engines, this deletion has no effect really? In order to compensate for the adverse consequences of rapid action, Xiaobian immediately check the relevant information, a break to find this information has not been included in the original website however, the following question, let Xiaobian not know what to do.


code page to the search engine, it is still possible to grab, but grab content to users will be worthless, so to submit links for the webmaster, is also an important work can not be ignored. If you look at the death of submission page content links is corresponding to the template submitted, it will require you to add a little code in the page label. If you do not belong to the category of chain chain content, can choose the mode to submit other

.If the

3, the search engine grab exception? Using the file submitted in the form of

? !

today to the company, received the boss "serial killer Call", says it is a warning information received the Alipay center, said the content of the website contains sensitive words, is not conducive to the website operation, to modify it immediately. So a group of bitter network staff, start looking for errors, starting from the website source code, a black chain information for any suspected garbage outside the chain, but a busy morning also found no hanging black chain case. This let Xiaobian once suspected Ten thousand steeds gallop. talent pool is not received false information, then a link has changed in a small series of ideas, the reason is a question answering information website, the sensitive word, it can do

?After the

, 1 error pages, or return to 404 code


site some of the page no longer exists, from the angle of the operation, should be set on the 404 error. If you do not set the 404, from the relevant information database will be deleted, then the user will see is a program error page, is not good for the user experience. The search engine is not like the so-called 404 settings, but do not because the webmaster friends do not like to start Oh, encountered an error page must be set to 404.

A set of 404

content is deleted from the database page, the return status is of no use in site 404, and it may not have what problem, the search engine really? The answer is no! Can encounter such a situation, the webmaster friends should submit the death of

2, set 404, the next thing to do is to submit the death of

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