Yang Fuhai share five methods for the Links

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on our website at the beginning, avoid to the chain through a variety of ways to make our website, so as to improve the weight of our website. One of the most effective and lasting way is Links. The Links is the most difficult to obtain, and share this blog, is a summary of it resources.


three professional Links exchange sites for

method two: through the forum and community for

sums up the three websites you can go looking for Links, 1, head of the Forum: webmaster forum have Links plate, such as A5, Chinese webmaster forum, laggards webmaster more hungry, is a good place to exchange links. 2, the network marketing community: such as TUI18, 28TUI etc.. 3, the B2B community forum: now more and more appeared in B2B network marketing professional forum, there are some of the network of integrated marketing for the integrated B2B website, rather than the previous single company released information and supply information website. Enter these plates, the first to send a post, a clear description of their basic information website, and exchange the object to meet the conditions, at the same time, leave your contact information (preferably QQ), which can not only bring you the co owners of the negotiations, but also to your own website added a foreign. In addition to emphasize that you need one by one to read other posts from the webmaster, need to find suitable partners, then take the initiative to contact each other.

method: the search for professional Links QQ group

method webmaster frequently used, and now very much Links group (I have established a group number: 128245579), through the QQ group search "Links" of the word, then join these groups, in the QQ group to find links to note: because every webmaster add a large number of Links group, so after the end of each release, almost no what people call you the same, you have this habit, so you only speak in each group, the probability of waiting for others to come to you so crowded will be small. So Links released exchange information in the group, also need in some busy group seriously look at the message to everyone, from the need for comply with the requirements of the site, and then take the initiative to find a webmaster contact. Only your station also comply with his request, you have a Links. Here attention skills is: every day plus a minimum of 5 groups, each group every 2-3 hours to send a Links demand information, and pay attention to other webmasters posted a link demand, not only other webmaster to contact you.

there is a website at this time last year, this site is for special exchange Links do, such as Mou Changqing’s go9go (www.go9go.cn), alivv (www.alivv贵族宝贝) >.

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