Three suggestions on the optimization of hospital website title

to those some shopping sites for example. You can write the title of the site of slimming products ten days immediately lost 2 pounds, must remember that no matter how to write must to attract users to.

site keywords in the title, this is not for me to emphasize each optimization of people know, so the key is how to choose the right keywords. In the beginning you can from Shanghai love index, search habits, search results and to determine whether there is a correlation value at the keywords to choose their own, if no value is not necessary to spend so much energy to the optimization. But for some keywords to choose especially the electronic commerce website, perhaps because yizizhicha may be another product. The best is to get the understanding of the project to do so as not to take many detours. The key is to search and user habits and requirements consistent. Shanghai dragon should know their keywords is user thinking, they will follow their own ideas to search. So for the selection of key words, we must seriously consider the decision, because once the title sure can’t change, if changes in the halfway of the website ranking and so on have a great impact.

can write some eye-catching words

The third measure: keywordThere must be

title is like a villa in the door, the door will make people produce beautiful there are more luxurious, relative to the website content. The title is the reason. A good title can play an important role, can also play the effect of flow rising, the title will attract or not, the relationship between the attractive man look at the appearance, the same is the title, the title once saw nothing new, is the ancient East West, not at all to attract people, will not let visitors have reading thoughts, even if you write well, and then the wonderful, this article is also a failure, because you have already lost at the starting line. So a good horse with a good saddle, good with a good title. Therefore, in the title page optimization optimization plays a very important role, so how can it optimization title to an optimal state? The basic knowledge of medicine medical information network give you about the hospital website title.

second strokes: select the

when writing the title must be around this one theme, the title will be long in general for your keyword density affects. Take this keyword for reproductive surgery! You can write genital plastic surgery hospital reproductive surgery – professional or behind the name and their own hospital. But can not be written in reproductive surgery – reproductive surgery – reproductive surgery that will form the keywords accumulation so that love Shanghai think you cheating is not included in your web page, also can’t write "do you know how to find a best genital plastic surgery hospital?" (of course, no one has the title, this title will be diluted) keyword density.

Here we The

the first one: the title must concise

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