Through the analysis of Web log analysis found several views

Web log is a good tool, it is a good helper for our analysis of the website, through the analysis of Web log, we can get a lot of valuable things, and through the analysis of several personal web logs, to analyze user behavior from another point of view, there are some of the findings, and these findings have a certain gap with the commonly accepted theory, the author write out the case, I hope everyone pointing.

in general, in order to optimize, we usually propose to simplify the content of the page, on the one hand, reduce the size of the web pages, is conducive to the optimization, on the other hand, for the convenience of users within the shortest possible time to grasp the main points ", but according to the results, but it also affects the frequency of web access. Therefore, the author believes that more text means more than reading, spend more time to understand, but also provides more information, therefore, is not a simplified web content is advantage.

second: the link structure is not the key

of course, through the log analysis, there are some ideas that accord with the optimization, such as system design and site response time, link traffic is inversely proportional to the. That is to say, the system response time is shorter, the link design is exquisite, the level is lower, then the user access number, which requires designers should try our best to reduce the download time, and make the links more effective, in order to reduce the user >

through the analysis of the log, I found two questions, which relates to our daily optimization process of thinking a bit contradictory, the author analysis as follows:

We usually think of

, web page links need to clearly depict. At the same time, web designers should put the most important links in the entrance on the page, but according to the log can be found, the link structure is nothing. I think it is because the user before accessing the site, he has his purpose, he doesn’t mind how many hits to reach the goal of ". For him, the most important thing is to find the corresponding information, therefore, I think it should be part of the customer on site familiar with new customers and this is not the case, but also illustrates the importance of website content.

: the first access frequency and content of "literal content" is proportional to

first of all, the author of the web log is processed, the image from the web log out ", such as JPG, GIF, JPEG and css. At the same time, also eliminated the "automatic acquisition program" web spider "generated data. From these data is not real user request. The author is in this case to exclude the acquisition program of the spider, as long as the average access time of a web page in less than a second, that this user is a spider, which put him out. At the same time, if the two access time of a IP more than 20 minutes, I will default to two user access, so I generally get some data.

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