You don’t know the code optimization in the construction site there are these


everyone must have heard about the site ZhengZhan optimization, there are many ZhengZhan optimization aspects, in general we will say that the station optimization and station optimization, from the two blocks to distinguish the many details of the optimization, then the optimization of the website source code will be our focus can not be ignored, the code optimization can be directly related to the overall speed of loading and website ranking, to the appropriate code label optimization can be very good to improve website ranking, then the optimization about the website code can be summarized as follows:

Finally, we

we must emphasize on the page in JS, in the early stage of construction site in Zhengzhou, as far as possible to reduce the page with JS dependence from the search engine’s point of view, the JS file is very inconsistent, if the emergence of a large number of pages in the JS file, it will directly affect the degree of spider crawling the page, especially in the process of making the navigation bar, as far as possible the use of div+css to.

as everyone knows, now the search engine from the point of view, we have advocated the use of div+css to fit the layout of a web site, search engine in order to better grasp the habit, but now there is a part of the webmaster in website construction still use table to layout page, then it will to some extent increase the page size, especially in multilayer the table, when the search engine in the capture information on the page, the page is likely because of too many layers and give up on the page to crawl, it is recommended to use div+css to carry out the layout of the site, the effect will be better.

in the process of construction sites in Zhengzhou, we can use the HTML control mode is converted to CSS, many owners have been used to control the content within the tag, such as in the picture code by the width and height to control the size of the picture, as far as possible the code conversion for external calls CSS, page code more concise and clear.

In addition

and a little note is as far as possible not to deploy CSS to the station, it will greatly increase the page size, resulting in various code phenomenon, so CSS recommends the use of external calls, in order to solve the problem of large volume ".

have been deployed in the station, we can on the site ZhengZhan compression, compression station server control need support, in general, gzip compression can be forty percent to seventy-five percent pages on the website, this can greatly reduce the volume, to achieve the optimal effect of our.

to talk about problems in the web page space, because each person writing code will be different, part of the webmaster may be a lot of space in the web design process, so that the site size, space in the page of the space station can even reach 1/7, so that in the end we can streamline the code, the extra spaces all clear, in order to enhance the speed of the page load.

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