Love Shanghai know that the chain of heaven open platform after

by focusing on the two level domain to answer this game website, I found the two domain names and love Shanghai know there are a lot of similarities. I thought this website was shameless, actually the copycat love Shanghai know stately.

coincidentally, the chain construction optimization of colleagues in the same industry in another study, again found a Q & a platform is a matchmaking website platform, is also the two level domain name, the domain name zhidao.***贵族宝贝, I see, yo oh, this is a mountain village love Shanghai you know? But feel wrong, how will these famous website to copycat love Shanghai know? Careful thinking, love again to Shanghai to find the relevant introduction, finally realized that this is the love of Shanghai a new development strategy — Shanghai open platform to know love.

into the love Shanghai love Shanghai open platform know about, understand that love Shanghai know open platform is based on a web search and love Shanghai love Shanghai know the openness of knowledge sharing platform, has partnered with 2954 institutions (the data), to clearly grasp the other website user database, play more value.

and I never mind, I began to ask spread quickly buried in this platform, with the chain, easy to. Many do the medical industry will know, a better platform, easily lead to the promotion personnel in droves, if the promotion information occupied the platform, then the platform will make a change. Sure enough, not long after, the game website that platform starts limiting health promotion.

But the

as everyone knows, do the site optimization, Shanghai dragon, is a very important chain platform resources to master. Especially for the medical industry, to enhance the site’s weight, need some high quality of the chain platform. When the chain to my website, will focus on the construction of the chain counterparts. They found in a famous game website (not named to avoid advertising suspect) on a two level domain name platform questions promotion. I believe we all know, can put the construction and promote the chain together platform is very popular, there is no doubt that the inquiry platform can satisfy the construction and promotion of the chain.

is the first self introduction, wood do the medical industry, the hospital is responsible for site optimization, therefore, for the release of the chain platform, still have some of their own experiences. May be too busy recently, for a head have dizzy spells, already very perfect love Shanghai love Shanghai products – know open platform, is actually so late.

of course, and this is our Never mind, as long as we know is that a large number of love and love to know Shanghai Shanghai cooperation open platform, will be a chain of heaven. You know we usually used quiz platform also so a few, like Shanghai know, Search ask, YAHOO knowledge hall, Tianya Q >

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