mage optimization techniques in web pages

(2), the label must write a complete

sites in image watermarking, can play a role in the protection of copyright, website publicity, publicity here a website is very obvious.

do ALT tag

Now almost all

needless to say, we all know that the role of

3, good image watermarking

search for something, search engine will often pictures and video to the front of the plane, why people think the search engine will store the downloaded data corresponding to each keyword pictures and video downloads, when reaches a certain level, the search engine will think this keyword pictures and video very important, after will give higher rank and weight.

there is a picture of Shanghai dragon, is around the picture with the keyword. This ranking can serve to increase the picture in the related search keywords in the search engine and is conducive to the interpretation of the images and increase access to flow from the picture effect.

image too much, will not only increase the page size, but also increase the difficulty of layout. The picture is not the number that must be fine. In order to ensure the normal web browsing, we do not recommend in a web page text in more than three pictures, don’t think the picture quantity is less, so the number of the picture should be enough to play a role.


so in this paper we will adopt image optimization means, here to share some pictures of the optimization techniques.

a good ALT label should be on the basis of a brief picture of content words can be summarized.

1, using GIF or JPEG format

In 4,

do image search engine optimization, with the picture format are inextricably related, because not only related to the size of picture and image formats, and browser compatibility also have a certain relationship.

search engine to the needs of the main keywords must add a paper label on the

6, good picture localization

around the picture with the keyword

(4), with the keyword


learning Shanghai Longfeng personnel should only ALT tags, but often do not pay attention to the ALT tags, or send the pictures will be copied on the matter, did not result in the picture ALT tag, in order to make better the optimization effect of the picture, the proposal must do ALT tag

2, control the number of pictures

tags, not in order to save some of the content will be omitted.

(3), the label text

format A complete write to

(1), every picture must have the ALT

alt The

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