do not know how to mature one and a half years enterprise station Shanghai dragon bitter experienc

2010 I returned from Dongguan to his hometown, to find a job in their hometown, came back online after dropped a stack of resumes, because I was in school and advertising design, all all network related I have voted, received a company manager second days call me to go to the interview said is the site optimization work, so I was in the online search, a simple understanding of the concept of "Shanghai dragon" in second days, the interviewer asked me the Internet experience, mop贵族宝贝, Tianya, I answer fluently, love Shanghai and so on are integral account to him blowing, asked to answer my basic theory of Shanghai Longfeng zhizhiwuwu through let me out, website, I found that I don’t even know the statistics of Shanghai Longfeng effect tool. I passed the interview, 1000 basic salary plus commission.

third months of my beloved first sweeper directly in Shanghai, I tread on air my efforts were not in vain, really, but I think this day not only meet now and I don’t pay a few traffic, I began to change the site title, keywords and description.

This situation has been >

fourth months my station road sweeper sweeper ranked first, first, Hubei Cheng Li first, I began to do the "special purpose vehicle" and other words and after 1 months of combat will rise to the first, of course, these are benefiting from my study ranked first in Shanghai, love second bits of the result of the chain. Because I do some of them outside the chain of the chain I have, I have no them.

in the first month (September 30, 2010), unbelievable results appeared in "Hubei Cheng Li" (I station business name) directly jumped to second place, up to the station every day I jumped 50 traffic flow, I went to consult the online master at that time, this ranking is not long, really good times don’t last long 2 weeks, fell into the hundreds, why? We can go to love Shanghai search for "Hubei Cheng Li" see all is to optimize the station, love Shanghai search "1 million 400 thousand" competition considerable efforts all day traffic is great.

then began to start this site is a new site opened in May 31, 2010 August 31st, I began to do, because they do not understand so I just before a week to Shanghai dragon why, A5 behind, learning forum, I later learned to write original smell every day, so I’d like to have the background address password at present, FTP I also did not want to because the network company do not FTP that said, they are independent of the server, the boss asked me to do with the word "sweeper", after careful online verification, I began piling up sweeping vehicle keyword density and a small amount of chain.

second months after the words off I still on sweeping cars, Hubei Cheng Li began to optimize the chain resources is part of Links, do online search to the webmaster forum, Shanghai dragon why and classification of information station and blog

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