Light off Shanghai dragon Forum Forum to decide on what path to follow

now I feel more and more forums are declining, but don’t understand to disappear. The forum from the Internet was born not long out, now the information media is more and more. What micro-blog, WeChat and so on renren贵族宝贝, the emergence of new media, old media impact more and more original. So now more and more people playing micro-blog, more and more less people on the forum. The forum should decide on what path to follow is a problem. If you can not find a new direction of development, estimate the situation will be more and more bad oh. The above is for the whole forum in a situation of today’s internet. And now the Shanghai Phoenix Forum like many popular relative to other forums, the reason is the special industry. You know the link is an important factor of keywords ranking, the Shanghai dragon forum every day tens of thousands of posts a few not to link, to create a large number of Internet junk. Where there is interest, there is a dispute, one of the best places for pollution is money. Shanghai Longfeng forum I estimate is a large number of industry forum is the most severe pollution.

light in the inhibition of garbage content to do the best forum like this, go to the closed point. The forum will be closed in October 20th after. Many of the reasons for the closure, the main content of the post is not high quality, online forum waste too much, do not want to add a. In addition Shanghai dragon training will also be closed, October 20th is the last period of training. It will be the end of early training, but some people still continue to require training before opening, but this is necessarily to the end." This is a two day before the release of a micro-blog flat. People just saw the news when the feeling of pity, Shanghai dragon circles a star fall. Even in the flat so that those who do not know the operation of Shanghai Longfeng forum people have any idea.


I often say that only two of Shanghai Longfeng community forum worth visiting, the first is the forum is second light-years, BSG. The forum should be many light-years Shanghai dragon forum self-discipline to do the best, most people can not step on the basic articles do not consciously. This caused the content of waste reduction, but also the most important point is that in which you can only share content, let you not take the link also. So let the chain of people die of this heart, natural spam a lot less. Reduce waste content is one of the important reasons worth visiting, now you see the mainstream forum Shanghai Longfeng day tens of thousands of posts are to turn, is to send the chain in the hair. The Shanghai dragon Er to find the few quality articles in tens of thousands of articles really choose cost too much, which leads to a decline of the forum. Of course, as in say, no good content. Also lead to less time and everyone on the forum.

this is the way we have to think about the forum, as well as a new mode of operation. Shanghai Longfeng forum now to build an exchange forum first of all is to remove the chain.

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