never go to the nternet to find information on the owners who don’t do well for Shanghai and Phoe

now, Shanghai dragon in this industry and the rise of the rolled boom, a large number of so-called Shanghai dragon master have set up their own website. Each person has their site is few, but they are in pursuit of what? Ranking, weight, PR. Just because they are the master, a large number of no content value website ranking, once the true intentions of collecting information, provide knowledge and information for our website has disappeared Not the least trace was found. I never go to the Internet to find information, because I am not search out the information, but every webmaster vanity.

I want to return to the head of

, create a website for what? Once to give others convenience, to provide information to the user reference? Or for a station at vanity, the weight of the website and PR two digital and proud, look at some keywords ranking and sometimes really want to ask? The site of the PR and the weight of what.

The website of have what use?

I learned to the construction site, I secretly made my first goal of the website. I created a bad guy egg gift street, I don’t want a gift there are commercial street information too much, I just want to send gifts to friends can take a stroll in the street inside the gift in the absence of choice, reference. From the beginning, I have to go to Taobao, almost every pat, Post Bar, forum and so on the place to find some special gifts, I have collected information and pictures to arrange on the site. A day spent more than one or two hours, maybe the whole day. But the visit quantity is not high, even almost search in Shanghai love above is not to my website.

Shanghai, he gave me the website traffic, but I have set off the target. After learning the Shanghai dragon, I no longer need to spend a day to dig a gift, I no longer need to organize pictures carefully and data. I have to do is to send the chain, consciously add some keywords to increase density. I don’t need ever so hard to find, I only need a day to write on a so-called original article on it. Indeed, Shanghai dragon has brought me a lot of traffic, search engine can search out my gift website ranking, but a heart has a website by the user to search engines love Shanghai.

once I love the Internet a universal teacher, learning, work, life and even emotional I are willing to search on the Internet, this once in a clean Internet, I can find what I need. At that time, in my mind, the website is a very great thing, can build a website is a very successful person, he hopes to sort out a lot of the information we need for us to choose data classification. I don’t need to care about a website that was good and bad, do not care about this website whether the original article. I only know that I got my knowledge and information here.

PR and weight

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