Pass quickly will be in the second half of the United States PO valuation of 3 billion


February 7th, according to foreign media reports, then in the second half of this year the United States IPO. Informed sources said that the application of more than 40 million daily active users, monthly active users reached $100 million, valued at approximately $3 billion.

foreign media that currently have a big advantage quickly, in Chinese market without Facebook and Instagram, which makes it have great development space, in addition, the quick and Snapchat, high user stickiness, and can quickly launch Snapchat similar functions in Chinese continue to attract users.

foreign media said that investors in the hand is very promising. In addition to Sequoia Capital, DST, Baidu and DSM are also quick investment.

quickly in the United States named Kwai, it is understood that the fast development in the United States is not prominent, but in the China two or three line of the city is very popular.


16 years of the Dragon Boat Festival, Dr. X, a "brutal bottom story: a video software China rural" by hitherto unknown attention quickly let. Data show that the short video community – formerly known as GIF GIF in 2012, quickly, quickly transformed into a short video community, as of February 2016, then the number of users exceeded 300 million. At present, quickly has become a short video platform and the fourth largest mobile phone traffic platform China.

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