Shanghai Longfeng work should start in the site before the online

is the first hardware preparation: the choice of the domain name, the domain name is still the preferred com, try not to be too long, too long the domain name to the search engine is not what, but is clearly not conducive to the user’s memory. The best can with the theme of the site can be related, Pinyin, English words or some shorthand. And the choice of space only need to comply with the following principles, stable and fast, of course, the best price is not too high. Natural space fast user experience better, is conducive to the rankings (the search engine has been officially confirmed), and stable space will make you more at ease, do not come to appear in the spider crawling website cannot open the dilemma.

is the second, select an appropriate set of procedures. A blog as an example, WordPress PHP (the most people), bl-blog, SABLOG, ASP less choice, the most important is z-blog. Choose what kind of procedures, to consider whether the spatial support, then consider the static URL is simple, but also consider the function of the blog is for you. For example, WordPress is faster, the most abundant plug-in, but to achieve the static URL server with mod_rewrite module, and some server without this module. This Z-blog will be easier, but relatively fewer plugins and themes. Choose a good blog program, but also to decide which set the theme, theme of the best number of users is not too much, too much natural template repetition is not conducive to Shanghai longfeng.

is now building a website of the threshold is too low, just buy a domain name, buy a space, space to upload a set of procedures and templates, a website was built up with an air of importance. Many webmaster of the line on the website are particularly keen, can not wait to have the construction site of the idea immediately, as for the optimization of the site waiting until later. In fact, this idea is not desirable, more reasonable approach is the most basic work site on-line before the Shanghai dragon.

choose a good blog program and blog theme, the site already has a prototype. The following optimal work is more specific, more detailed. Continue to build the blog website as an example, consider the title of the page set is reasonable, and whether they have description and keywords. At present, the blog the default setting is not reasonable, the Shanghai dragon is not friendly enough, title is generally the main title and subtitle, this caused a blog title very long, we need to manually modify the program to remove the subtitle from title. Description is the most blog default >

then a website before the line (the line here refers to the submission of the search engine, not uploaded to the server) needed to do optimization work? The author has recently built a website with his personal experience to talk about the details.

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