Shanghai LEE love Webmaster Platform solution algorithm for the problem of pomegranate and origin

Webmaster Platform new tool: love Shanghai Webmaster Platform recently will launch site anomaly alerts, abnormal information promptly inform the person in charge of the website, the website such as the emergence of a large number of dead links, the site suffered hacker attacks, block the wrong love Shanghai love Shanghai spider server and grab the abnormal situation, enhance the interaction between Shanghai and the main site of love.

Shanghai: love sharing function will be upgraded, sharing data will be applied to the search system.

3, Shanghai love sharing, install love Shanghai sharing web site, web site traffic is not high, but the share amount is very large, what is the reason?

original love Shanghai original project: the project has been started, will gradually cover more of the original website, encourage and preferential treatment of original content.

station network (admin5贵族宝贝) news: May 20th "2013 love Shanghai Webmaster Platform high-end Shanghai dragon club" held in Beijing. Activity is the recent launch of the "pomegranate" and the "origin" of the original algorithm, the original project and other issues with the webmaster and ER for the exchange of Shanghai dragon. Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform Shanghai Longfeng experts LEE owners generally reflect the problem one by one to answer.

Lee: we will get this kind of data, introduce some examples to share.

following this event highlights:

4, Shanghai love search results, not sharing website update problem

2, love Shanghai share: whether the performance share love Shanghai can do further optimization of

two, love Shanghai webmaster tools related issues:

The speed of

Lee in the salon to share:

1, can share the use of large websites after love Shanghai to share data, such as: the amount of share, the number of flow increases, not to use the

1, sitemap submitted: submitted, only included the two pages, the effect of the use of sitemap

The main content of is what? ?

Lee: this may exist of cheating, we will optimize the part of the data, but not to punish, but will show additional revenue from.


chain of < before the judge: Lee; < on the chain determine > > the contents of the article carried out a detailed interpretation.

Lee: the present and expected some discrepancies in the search, we have arranged to optimize this part of the data, to show this part of the data is more accurate.

Lee: this.

website? The

Lee: we will promote the performance optimization to solve the problem of loading speed recently.

, a Shanghai love sharing the direction of problems:

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