The distortion of the bestseller list for Shanghai dragon ER enlightenment

The distortion of the

bestseller list has become the focus of attention of the domestic media



The original

and even "buy list" process also has a lot of learning, to really create a book is to gradually reach the illusion of popular "due to the expansion of the influence, finally achieved" expand the influence and gradually reach the seller ", the editors have to" false play singing "brains tap the new flash, and trying to find these books more suitable for readers of selling, promotion, and even cause users to participate in interactive user attention.

and the publishing community is much more generous, in order to induce readers to buy their own books, regular online and offline to buy a variety of best-selling books list, 50% discount for electricity supplier, the price of 65% to recover, promotion expenses poured money into, is completely knocked out teeth and swallow the blood, and has already formed a promotion a set of mature operating modes ("in order to make the book as soon as possible ranking rising talent shows itself, more) registered account, increase the buy list amount, while trying to write the praise, red star, resulting in a book is to gradually reach the illusion of popular due to the expansion of the influence".

can give Shanghai dragon ER two inspirations. First, even these publishers the bleeding marketing "shouting to buy" must be carefully planned, the overall plan, "the whole process of operation was very exciting," "

entangled in the ranking is not just the webmaster and Shanghai dragon ER, to embrace the "brush more popular" book companies have poured money into the brush ranking compared to the vast majority of economic strength, focusing on search engine keyword ranking small webmaster, Shanghai dragon ER can be described as "pale into insignificance by comparison, Shanghai dragon ER top play" something meaningless content with keywords "website spam and stand outside spam links, is the most out of money brush love Shanghai word search (love Shanghai drop-down), brush the" underachievement "of the" eleven phenomenon "keyword ranking.

we can find that these books are "fake" the purpose is very clear, they are aimed at all kinds of best-selling books list, is because of the potential target users of these large and small brands gathered most of the long-term concern these readers to rely on the list list recommended to buy books. This is the inspiration for small sites, promotion is always necessary, but the search engine can not hang in a tree, "all the egg cannot be put in a basket, constantly looking for more may promote their sales promotion media — perhaps, this way is more targeted.

according to the "Beijing daily" published reports "business books bestsellers accused of serious distortion: publishers processing as" fraud disclosure: "Dangdang and Jingdong (the best-selling books List Ranking) is not published by the merchants", "buy list rate up to 70%".

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