The effect of GA monitoring data of Shanghai Longfeng details after

At the beginning of the

many students hear the effect of monitoring, traffic monitoring is nothing more than you know. If rose, the premise of program effect, or if it is before the program had no effect. In fact, this will be very one-sided, with overall to summarize! Although the overall grasp, but do comparative data refinement will be more meaningful, so we can quantify the effect of Shanghai dragon, in the overall strategy guide on the quantitative details of the effect.

After Before the 100KB

traffic sources, search engine optimization, target "- on the specific range of pages ranking and CTR monitoring

of concrete columns, channels, page selection. A lot of people in the screening time, to accurately grasp may be very extensive, this is before I make many mistakes, resulting in inaccurate data, deviate from the real fine.


Shanghai Longfeng details how to monitor

content, web content, Web – page range of specific views, unique views of monitoring

will be used here to quantify the noble baby analytics details of the changes after Shanghai Longfeng effect. The function is powerful GA screening function, this ratio is 51, cnzz is much better; so when is a little trick to share, is willing to work with new life.

do not know how to write, anyway, a little tangled up; some tips today share their own, maybe a lot of people will, so they are too lazy to write articles. If you can write some more profound, it is willing to write about! PS: light giants share the experience points out, his curiosity is very hungry!!!


page in the visible (which can be indexed text). If there is no content, it may indicate a "completely by Javascript or rich media file generation, no text-based content. You should review the text, to ensure that there is no abnormal content. If it contains abnormal content, it may indicate that your site has been hacked. (Note: noble baby BOT crawl content may exceed 100KB text.

GG administrator help document said "after the 100K content will not be indexed so when processing the page code, use the contents related to the code region of important information in advance, so important in indexing algorithm, to get a better ranking. Good writing code streamlining the page document and implement the Shanghai dragon, it needs to change the effect of said flow using GA to monitor the details.

to see how these changes the page flow effect, 2 latitude I usually go to see GA:

noble way to grab my baby portal


EXP: the page code position changes after Shanghai Longfeng effect data monitoring

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