Shanghai dragon website original and the original difference

first, we explained: the original high rate of page on the web page rankings influence co..

Shanghai dragon knows that the original significance of the website of Shanghai dragon, will not repeat them here.

next, we proof for the above point

however, the original site and the original at all there is still a big difference. I think, for the website optimization, in view of "original" this concept should be treated differently: home page, column page, the article page, each page needs to "original", but cannot be mixed on the original site! In order to better get home core keywords ranking; original column page is for the better to obtain the column page keywords ranking; the original better just to get the long tail keywords ranking. Don’t expect the original rate is high, the home page and column page can quickly raise the weight on.


, however, little is known, most people understand the original is more "original articles". Today, the author will initiate, we highlight a "web site" concept of originality.

what is the difference? The author mentioned "

" original site in the end is what the concept of?

many careful Shanghai dragon Er will find that some of the new on-line for two or three months in the website, included, the chain are not prominent, but gained some industry keywords good ranking, for example, you can search for "memory foam pillow", in a website love Shanghai third; almost don’t update, the chain is not prominent business or brand website, easy access to some of the industry keywords, such as the optimization of a website "Taiwan spring road asphalt concrete mixing station", "

, the cervical vertebra disease" in the past very long time that the idea is to get high weight through high quality original articles, the website issued a considerable proportion of nearly 100% of the original article, that the last practice, pay attention to the original Google as an example, although some of the article page access long tail keywords good ranking, but the home page is the core keywords ranking has been very poor. (Note: about love Shanghai and Google’s original article discrimination in the past the article "Shanghai dragon to love Shanghai and Google and the difference between the" should have been introduced, interested friends can take a look at

A website "

you know, the original, is conducive to search engine to give the better ranking. Similarly, the original website will help the search engine to give the site a higher ranking.

" and the original site of the original

website originality, I understand for the website structure, page layout, show the difference form with other websites.

next, we prove that: the original web page for large core keyword rankings influence.


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