Three aspects to build the qualified persons in Shanghai Dragon

1, the website structure, there are many companies are using the web site template, often the structure is single, all above is a flash, the middle of a navigation, the following will introduce enterprise, enterprise news, product pictures are one by one column, and the number of enterprise website is written in ASP the chance to update business news articles or dynamic, while the dynamic page is often the search engine hobby, so if you received such a lively corporate website, do the first step is to ask the old Shanghai dragon board revision;

two, skilled use of various tools of Shanghai dragon

everything is hard in the beginning, we must first learn the basic knowledge of some of the Shanghai dragon, so here said the Shanghai dragon also contains the basic knowledge of those who do, brother with new Shanghai dragon Er lists a few feel needs about control.

Shanghai Longfeng tool, here I put some of the tools above net webmaster tools to copy out the new Shanghai dragon Er to a research study.

2, website content, if your organization has corrected, then the content will play a decisive role, brother to see a lot of corporate website, no matter what a page title is the same, but in order to show the keyword of the website, in a few pages repeatedly stack keywords, don’t stop the stack keywords, if useful, then the Shanghai dragon is a good job, you say is not it? To do the reasonable content of website keywords in cross.

"website information query: ALEXA ranking query – a baby PR query included / trans query – dead link detection station PR – GZIP / query" tightening the -PR output value search detection query optimization: love Shanghai index analysis – friendship link detection – keyword ranking query keyword density query search engine – imitation – "META – love Shanghai included domain name IP query: domain deletion query – WHOIS domain name query -IP query >

In fact, there are many online

in view of the fact that many schools are not set up specially the Shanghai dragon professional course, then there are a lot of participation in the work of the students, accidentally boarded the ship in Shanghai dragon, so how to be a qualified personnel to become the new Shanghai dragon, in the students learning objective, an article on love how to quickly learn Shanghai Dragon technology, so here I together with 5 elder brother to discuss how to be a qualified personnel in Shanghai dragon. Brother think there are several several conditions of a qualified personnel for Shanghai dragon.

, a control basic knowledge of Shanghai Dragon

3, more than two external links, if you do, do some outside the chain of high quality then start your website, as for how to do outside the chain, another article fifth have written, you can walk.

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