The site is K common preventive measures


readability here refers to is not only the user experience, but also to read the contents of the spider readability. This is mainly reflected in the "spider

, we summarize the 7 aspects of the content:

five. The readability of

A total of

3. based on keyword density distribution, that nature is good (density only for reference, but not too much).

many of my friends are asking why we will be K site, K should do what, how the website will not be K. Today we site is what can we do to do the discussion before K.

structure is not reasonable, easy to cause the user directly out, resulting in a large number of bounce rate, resulting in lower right.

security issuesThe



2. different industries, the search engine for data statistics is different, so the density of keywords is appropriate to make a judgment based on the different industry itself.

1. the density refers to the keyword density, it is not strange to us.



deep structure, voting effect is not obvious. Site link structure with the chain is the same as the voting results. The station is within the page to page in the vote, the role is the same. If the structure is not reasonable, will lead to a weighted vote distribution is not uniform. In this case, the page value will be very low when a lot of votes.



[2] user experience

When your

[1] weight

website is lanyards, some techniques hijack the search engine spiders, malicious steering operation also will cause the search engine K station.

1. why structure causes the site to be K

Links in the role of the chain is very large, remember. At the same time, the garbage outside the chain of the chain reaches a certain percentage of the total data, the website will be K. But this time, some of the illegal operation, at the same time we also inevitably meet peers for external links, search engines will reduce the link on the influence of the ranking, but also to a certain extent right down to the site. The future development direction of Shanghai Longfeng station, do optimization is the development trend of the station optimization to meet the needs of users, the site can also be ranked, the user experience is very high. But also need to do the chain at present, but we need to find some high quality Links, it can prevent the site was K, the reasonable link is the best.


4. is the best of the first 20 words of the site keywords layout, generally summarizes the keyword density, to the maximum and minimum value and then we take the middle value of keyword density operation.

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