Xinshoubikan case to explain how the Shanghai dragon diagnosis

no matter what kind of website has its own directory hierarchy, simple enterprise station is usually two layer directory contents, namely the product catalog and directory information. The mobile phone games download site, on the site is basically the main navigation information section, the remainder is a mobile phone game directory page, can also be considered to be a site navigation. Each mobile phone game directory page can be viewed as an independent website, in the directory page also has all kinds of information, there is a game download page. In my view, this kind of column information is not so important, should put the weight in the game several columns and game download page, the site data of this website is 134, included is not ideal. Guess it’s quality problem, and the domain data of the stations are basically related links page of the domain estimation is not what game column page >

directory hierarchy analysis

: the first generation of META information


the main content of mobile phone game play Yaya network is divided into two parts: one is the mobile phone game downloads, the information of the page, so it can be roughly divided into two parts, obviously mobile phone game downloads page is more important, such information includes official games and dynamic game player experience share. Do Shanghai dragon to clarify their goals, for this site, the long tail word should focus on the layout in the page, as shown in the picture above some pages META information is not complete, although the keywords and description text is not so important, but the individual thought is as complete as possible for good. A large number of web pages or medium-sized website, META information is automatically generated by the program, the program can not be compared after all and manual writing. The title of the set is very important, whether the article page title can be modified into "mobile phone game" Web "information: the Warring States feudal lords vying for the throne in September 12th opened". Of course, purely personal ideas.

in Shanghai Longfeng work, most of the time, what is the problem in the analysis of site, analysis of the website also named Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, novice general lack of knowledge and experience in this area. Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis is easy to say, but can really thorough analysis, identify the site of criticism, that is more difficult, some of the most basic Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, I believe you and I can see. For example, what URL standard code not optimized, these things do not have to say, personal feeling to really find out what the site where the problem, telling the truth is not to look for a web site is OK. No data is no basis, Shanghai dragon is not only to find out the problems of diagnosis, but also to think of ways to solve these problems, including the development of Shanghai after dragon plan, combined with the author of a mobile phone game website, the website through the case analysis of several aspects of the problem. But I have some data related to this website, but their views roughly share something.


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