The key lies in the capture of B2C website and included the long tail off off

is now on the Internet more and more B2C site, which is part of the fast development, with the help of a variety of marketing tools, gathered a large number of high-quality customers, but there are some individual owners, with limited resources, may encounter some problems, especially in traffic and keyword optimization, in view of the the situation, according to my own experience to share with you the shallow type B2C site optimization to break two mark, hoping to play a role.

B2C products have many properties, these properties include the size, type, origin, price, material, etc., each attribute can collocation different combinations and surface properties such view is just a label products, but for Shanghai dragon is a kind of resources, such as combination can be site combination of tens or even hundreds of thousands of the long tail word, if optimized properly, can effectively enhance the long tail flow. My blog as a sales cube cube B2C site, now has nearly tens of thousands of the long tail word combination, but there are a lot of words in succession to calculate synthesis.

as everyone knows, B2C websites are generally products and pictures are, but want to attract more traffic in a certain advertising budget, only with the help of keyword traffic, especially the long tail word flow to get the user, and precondition for the long tail word flow is website included, good result, base long tail off and the entire site is included below is the core, begins to sum up.

included off: URL optimization

: the combination of long tail long tail off

after the combination of a number of long tail words, just completed the first step, if not reasonable layout and layout, so these keywords will be of no value, and will also bring traffic, so let these words reasonable into the website. The overall principle is written into different original copy, this is a hard work. For example, the same product, different colors, then the product title can be two long tail words, corresponding to two URL, the two URL text to write such a difference, can expand to N products, but also can introduce the comparison page, such as the Zhongguancun website that on page, this can be increased a lot of the long tail word, long tail words must be into the title, and use a separate page.

Do the chain

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many B2C sites have enough pages, but not enough included, which is a very important factor in addition to the overall weight of the site is not high enough, there is not enough URL standard, under normal circumstances these sites will involve a lot of functions, such as a variety of sorting, collection, so URL contains a lot this is a collection of Nemesis parameters. In order to improve the collection, must take the URL to do static, static and dynamic than the high weight, easier to get good rankings, my blog is the cube to pay attention to this point, all the sites are in the static path, it has been good.

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