Virtual son rain Shanghai dragon we need to do what others can’t do

2, Shanghai dragon to do search engines banned thing

A, state of mind we must note that as much as possible to allow customers to earn money or earn more money. OK estimates, some friends will say, we are doing the optimization, but not the Savior, do optimization can not so much as long as the rankings do go up on OK, indeed, do rankings are the services we provide, but from a long-term perspective, the customer satisfaction determines whether or not he we can become a long-term customers, if we can help users to make the best optimization scheme, make optimization scheme of the most profitable customers, I think certainly happy to see, or certainly willing to pay more money to invest. There is that you may bring more customers because the customer for you.

Hello, I am virtual son rain. In front of me to give you wrote an article "virtual son rain: Shanghai dragon we need to do what others don’t want to do", mainly talking about is that we have to do more than others do not want to go to work, want to be too lazy to write things, very happy, but also a sense of meaning is still unknown do, today I tell you a point of view is very similar: Shanghai dragon we need to do what others can’t do.


B, do not have a long tail, ranking will flow. For the long tail keywords to flow, the flow is quite accurate, and precise traffic is likely in the early stage can bring benefits for our customers, the customer is happy to see. I also and we talked about his strategy for some Shanghai dragon, I love to do is to use the long tail + chain strategy to optimize the website, for example I have a small business station, now also love Shanghai right down, in general this site almost no ranking, but I every day, traffic is still close to 100IP, I asked the customer, he said there are telephone line every day, this is what I want to say, sometimes we don’t need too much love Shanghai, rely too much sometimes is not conducive to our development.

has a lot of stationmaster is very obedient, because as long as the front who says you can’t do it copy the words of others do, or some people say how.


1, Shanghai dragon we are most afraid of things to do

for Shanghai dragon we fear most is what things? Perhaps we fear most is not the webmaster do not go website, because as long as we do, will do. We are most afraid of the time do not go up, unable to explain to the customer. We do not know is not as much as I want to, I think we don’t help others do Shanghai dragon well is your own mistakes, instead of looking for the same reasons, since we decided to do such a thing, so we must pay attention to overcome all the difficulties, the most difficult thing to do, specific how to do we can see a little of my experience, perhaps for you a little help:

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