The title delimiter in several forms of good and poor contrast

don’t feel this article is a simple symbol interval analysis, really had this problem the webmaster will feel very deep, it is wrong to know, is that this form of love Shanghai optimization guidelines described above, but most people may not read the manual optimization or above, many people still choose 2 form the delimiter, such a large increase in the invisible website optimization difficulty. This article source: 贵族宝贝jianfeiqin贵族宝贝 Pro A5 starting to lose weight, please indicate the

. A comma delimiter in the form of

should be said before even now more or English under the condition of a comma delimiter delimiter, this a few years ago may compare the value of search engine, with the development of the Internet, the search engine algorithm adjusted weight Pro Xiaobian summary same delimiter comma half angle relatively poor competitiveness of some website keywords ranking. (see the following three reasons)

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should be said underline the delimiter is currently the best title delimiter, we can look at sina, look at Sohu, see NetEase. We will find that they use spacers are underlined in the form of love, also Shanghai official love Shanghai search engine optimization guide for the title of the page description set which describes the delimiter writing is underline figure: we all know that there are some good suggestions to optimize the love Shanghai search engine optimization guidelines are introduced. Not only emphasize or excellent contrast difference.

some friends all know the significance of website operation planning website early, even when many novice veteran website operation after a period of time suddenly found some unreasonable settings this time to the local fine-tuning of the site, the title of the spacer is one of many webmaster friends wonder where, today Xiaobian Pro diet to experience the importance and we study together the title delimiter in three kinds of good and poor contrast:

says a comma weights of the same site poor competitiveness of some not out of thin air if you are using, or a comma delimiter, you will find that after modification, the vertical bar spacer ranking advantage are much bigger than a comma, or even the next update website basically did not do what, there will be a small level ranking to improve. Vertical bar spacer relative angle spacer is much better. One of the form is now a lot of web site.

three. Underline the delimiter in

two. Vertical bar form spacer

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