Update the doodle official website noble baby to play old graffiti

how to quickly enter the doodle station? Open the noble baby贵族宝贝 home page, click on the "good luck (I’m feeling lucky)" that is it, but the nobility baby silly jump pages change? (

The new

baby home for the first time in 1998 the nobility placed a doodle, replaces the default sign after this noble baby, become a tradition, many people love to watch all kinds of doodle, especially in recent years to promote the HTML 5, the baby began to engage in a noble spare no effort to play some doodle, but there is a problem these doodle are transient, then how do

want to play?

doodle site can not only in accordance with state and year to watch doodle (pictured above), it is the interaction of doodle, you can always play some fun:



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