Claire go down to the people love Shanghai

version of the chief complaint platform basically covers most of the problems encountered when optimizing the webmaster, for a lot of misguided webmaster, is undoubtedly the leader, only on the right path to long-term website optimization. Before the love of Shanghai when no on-line Webmaster Platform, many webmaster use some cheating means to gain ranking, but after the love Shanghai adjustment, these means can not, so the site was K, which was K after the webmaster in did not know what the reason is because of K, also is to like a fly without head random drilling, and with on-line love Shanghai Webmaster Platform, webmaster began with the correct guidance of love in Shanghai, by using the optimization method of quality.

basically Shanghai dragon field all the people know that love is indifferent for Shanghai Shanghai dragon, Shanghai love like Google that is friendly to Shanghai for the love of this dragon, Shanghai superior appearance, many owners hate love Shanghai, secretly do not know the love of Shanghai called many times, but the more hate it, the more there is no solution to the K station in 2012 and no flameout, continued on 2013, I recently heard some friends say their station station was "pulling". However, to everyone’s surprise, love Shanghai did not stay at the altar, in January 8, 2013, Shanghai issued a "love community webmaster Webmaster Center on-line version of notice", mainly for the integration of the webmaster encountered in the use of web search, love Shanghai, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform share issues, new love Shanghai webmaster complaints platform love Shanghai is still very important to the webmaster.

in a version of the webmaster webmaster can make a complaint complaint center, according to the website, the content included the title, abnormal flow anomalies, safety tips and problems; and Webmaster Platform can also on the site, the death of a validation error not effective complaints; love Shanghai in 2012 the launch of new share function can also complaints, including installation and verification statistical error, error and other issues can make a complaint.

2012 is the search engine’s upheaval, love adjustment in Shanghai a series of changes, Sogou search, the 360 A new force suddenly rises., a series of factors led to the love of Shanghai’s market share plummeted. In 2013 the sea will face a more severe test of 360 Sike love Shanghai, many products in the beginning of the line, and to love Shanghai hard, and now 360 and world class.

2012, many owners of "death" all cannot do without love Shanghai, N webmaster "died" in new Shanghai love change, whether this change of course love in Shanghai is good or bad who also said it was not clear, but Sogou, soso, 360 search and instantly search and a series of changes. Let love in Shanghai had to start to the station side tilt, on-line love Shanghai head of the community, and a series of special guidance station right optimization statement that love Shanghai began to go down, go the route.



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