From the website to the on line algorithm Scindapsus pomegranate can use the former method of face

2, low quality of the site, for the birth of Shanghai dragon website advertising, makes the high quality website have the opportunity to show.

1, restore Internet clean, reducing learners to the Internet for information confidence.

The The

because of this, love Shanghai launched Scindapsus, pomegranate two algorithms, and the implementation of the Mars program, resulting in a large number of individual owners to give up the construction site, a large number of Shanghai dragon Er jobs condemning all over the sky, but also a most of the webmaster clap hanhao. Obviously, this love Shanghai to make a big adjustment to 3 points:

3, owners of website operation mentality correction.

algorithm part of the webmaster Scindapsus aureus has begun to pay attention to the station optimization, and they started collecting a large number of false original article. A part of the low quality of the chain before the transfer to the station to the news media and the large portal. During this period the article appeared in the news article to write, write boom. A large number of news media contribute to press a substantial increase in the number and quality of articles and new.

algorithm is introduced on the surface of Scindapsus against link sale, but on the other hand, love Shanghai also adjusted their product experience, including Wikipedia, know that the chain platform such as tagging and increased audit efforts to love Shanghai library and other products more stringent audit to the chain and low quality articles. The chain from these products adjustment plus the introduction of a low-key love Shanghai refuse tools we can think of, this time is striking Scindapsus algorithm so that the original chain, the chain webmaster recommended content restore the original nature rather than blindly links. In the event of this algorithm, the owners of the house to response, and the webmaster trading channel closing. In this algorithm, after the introduction of a large number of the site is down right even K station, they have a common point of the chain is very much especially the forum outside the chain.

site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization industry has been the heat, whether it is Shanghai dragon engineer or personal webmaster or even just contact site in a few days the couple can for everyone to write Shanghai dragon optimization posts in many forums and even these posts marked the essence. In fact, this is not wrong, but because in the past we know the website of Shanghai dragon was just a few points: 1, the original article. 2, how do the chain. 3, add the keyword density. 4, more Links. Which is just past our Shanghai dragon root, up some nonsense in the post inside how to buy some of the domain name space, how to buy. Shanghai dragon industry suddenly boiling up, the influx of a large number of owners, or even a person with dozens of sites, a pseudo original article acquisition, sale of the chain link, on behalf of the boom, the emergence of a large number of large waste site, there are a large number of a large number of Shanghai dragon and the emergence of the website. Such as the face of these conditions continue to develop website, search engine will be in a mess. Good website did not find the optimization, out of order website ranking, cause nobody wants to go to the Internet to find information.

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