July 17th Shanghai K station of love

. July 17th K batch analysis of

adjustment algorithm restoration measuresThe

hard who did not want to be K, tui56- Wang Baochen thought this kind of thing just happened to other people on the situation, did not expect the July 17th third batch love Shanghai K station, on promotion of the website will be responsible for K, June 22-6 month 28 in front of 2 especially in the first batch of K website. Is the basic quality of cheating is obvious, the low degree of even being used repeatedly N template website, information and copy others collection similar websites directly by K. In July 17th on several was K website, originally have good ranking…… Did not think there should be K, afterwards by A5, Shanghai dragon why, tui56 on the platform of the webmaster friends found the basic feedback, many of the original K station has a certain rank, small weight, but a careful analysis…… The quality of the content is a common phenomenon.

three. Love Shanghai stationmaster finally broke the

tui56- Wang Baochen shared an article is about the recent love Shanghai K station is a fast recovery way – "after June 22, 2012 by K site restoration measures" have mentioned a way to pass through quickly remove the Links weight leveling, the false site. Results: site:bbs.tui56贵族宝贝 cases (the actual collection and love Shanghai Webmaster Tools) website statistics differ very much by this way to recover the original July 17th K feel even 30% chance to have a friend, contact tui56- Wang Baochen said he was 2 before the June K station has been restored today, using this method, the recovery in July 18th. Let me have hope, if not followed by short-term recovery. Check that the small details of its all problems last year, tui56- Wang Baochen, there are 3 stations are k, then the 18 day again – "the site was K18 days" is actually a lot of examples skills sharing site is k problems are their own reasons, after exclusion of love Shanghai will be processed from the new audit in 2-4 weeks in.


believes that from the beginning of June 22nd a lot of friends and front-line webmaster website promotion personnel every day in the life always on tenterhooks days, because the love of Shanghai started up for low quality sites, experienced 2 times the mass of K station, and on July 17th the tui56 Forum – Wang Baochen as usual came to the company first thing. To take a look at some sites on the promotion, has found that some of the station was K. Then go to A5, Shanghai dragon why, tui56 webmaster often go to platform development is reflected in many sites are k, after processing, in July 17th the love of Shanghai K station to do some analysis:

two. In July 17th the site was K

love the Shanghai efforts quite large, should be said to be the largest > in recent years for low quality on site to do

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