Ji Xinzhi do 3 problems must be considered in the Shanghai Dragon

Shanghai Longfeng technical articles, mentioned the Shanghai dragon more cost-effective than bidding, because as long as the Shanghai Dragon Well, do home basic are not afraid of no traffic, and click need not pay, so I want to describe their views.

bring flow is the need for a period of time, especially new sites. Don’t expect to get a good ranking in a short period of time, the competition is small with long tail page optimization can be realized in a short time with the inside pages but there may be six months or even a year later. But some online holiday season, and the great flow of keywords, such as: japan earthquake, 51 holiday notice, college entrance examination secret after a long time no basic search volume, if the Shanghai dragon’s promotion means to occupy the market, it is difficult to achieve, and a time early can give you the site how many IP? Maybe you do on the front page and search your opponent by bidding to occupy the market and users, that your site will lose a group of users, so suitable for Shanghai Longfeng site are the basic consumption of affordable time sites, such as entertainment, tourism, industry and other sites.

Shanghai dragon

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1, Shanghai dragon choose keywords only thinking of problem

3, the search engine algorithm instability

website optimization Shanghai Longfeng whether the effect of this is a risk, I know a lot of friends dedicated to do business with Shanghai Longfeng dare not say to be able to secure one hundred percent key words on the front page, can bring a lot of traffic. Shanghai dragon do badly again also not sure, some optimized friend should have this experience, spent a lot of time and energy to do within the chain, chain, writing, etc. but the effect is not ideal. I am in the evaluation of the rankings, will be in the estimation of the failure rate increased 3, because this can make sure of this importance.

Shanghai dragon well flow, but also over reliance on search engines, some of my sites are basically caused by search engine traffic, on one hand, Shanghai Dragon Well, on the other hand, over reliance on search engine threat. For example: search engine adjustment, the change of the algorithm, the site has been K may not be any punishment for your website, the website will lead to a sharp decline in traffic, if there is no traffic and direct traffic, is a big blow to the website. I believe some webmaster friends will pay attention to this problem, such as: brief and easy to domain name, increase the user experience, search website buttons and other measures to prevent the sharp decline in traffic to the site.

2, Shanghai dragon did not achieve the ideal effect of

optimization before appropriate to consider their own site service or product is enough profits, only to choose the Shanghai dragon or bidding (PPC) or network advertising, marketing, QQ marketing, word-of-mouth marketing is much more cost-effective than the Shanghai dragon.

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