Five steps are required for a successful PPC campaign

five: to test

if you don’t know what your PPC campaigns are effective, so how to judge? Factors that cause PPC effect of advertising has many kinds, the author of this article is in this aspect of thin paper. This paper will mainly focus on five simple steps to create a successful advertising PPC required, you can reduce your PPC in advertising on the unnecessary waste of money through them.

your ad copy and need to be innovative and quality articles. You should make sure your copy is associated with your target keywords, and to use different advertising to test which one works best.

spend some time to step back and make a review. Review what is your campaign goals? You are dedicated to providing products, services or both? Are you looking for change what? Do you want to visit you in subscription information, purchase products? These problems seem to be obviously, if you do not consider these problems, then now is when you review. If you do not have a clear goal, then your PPC campaign will be successful.

check your advertising series, make sure you have different keywords in different groups in the advertising division. Remember that an advertising campaign always requires multiple ad group. An advertising group immediately to a successful PPC competition is very important, because it can better targeting and optimization.

: a review of the past and to examine the current status of

once users click on your ad, make sure you send them to the relevant page. In short, you want to give users what they’re looking for something. For example, I click on an advertisement for hiking shoes, you better believe I want to see in the front of the web page or intermediate information. The advertisement to the relevant search, this is just a waste of money. Give visitors a building with correlation and tailored to a target page good. Don’t just jump to the home page. The specific construction of "pictures are as follows.

four: adjust the target web advertisement and

history is a very important thing, because you can use them as a benchmark to judge some problems. A solid PPC audit is needed to review past and examine the present situation. We suggest that you first see 3~6 months of data, and then start. A review of the data, you will be able to give you some of the past and future insight. Once you are familiar with these data, you can create the future performance of the benchmark account.


three: the analysis of the current activities of


two: review your goal

can be successful in the PPC advertising people are those who can continue to do the test.

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