5 trading factors Ali Wangpu keywords ranking

first we see a screenshot:

The more the number of

look at the "total sale". Who opened a shop, online transactions and online transaction records are like this.

has a large number of old customers for businesses is very favorable. Of course, new businesses also need not be anxious, because any online transaction is a process of accumulation. You have to consciously guide customers to focus on key information in your order after closing.

online trading refers to the Alibaba China station through the Alipay deal, does not include online banking transactions and cash transactions. Online transactions affect Ali Wangpu keyword in the search engine rankings. I have to share the 5 factors that influence keywords ranking in online transaction today. I hope you control these 5 factors, for your perfect pu.

the number of transactions affect the rules of keywords ranking tells you that you should pay attention to the promotion of information you wang important keywords on the shop, to guide customer orders in the important keywords in your information.

For example: Zhang San and

for example: Zhang San and Li Si, Wang Pu, the Korean women are doing. Zhang San and Li Si in the shop, there is a similar product information, this product information of the title is "the supply of Korean women". If the product information display Zhang San traded 15 pen, and that the product information display Li Si traded 10 pen, then, under the same conditions, Zhang Sanwang covered with a piece of information by keywords ranking, will be more than Li Siwang with a piece of information before the keywords ranking.

online trading includes 5 factors:

first, the number of transactions

a product information transaction, under the same conditions, keywords this product information will be closer to the top ranking.


where Ali opened the shop business, and hope that their words can appear in search engine internal Ali on the first page. Keywords ranking will, the exposure amount is higher, the customer will find more chance. For Ali Wangpu keywords ranking optimization methods, I called Ali Shanghai dragon". Ali Shanghai dragon contains a dozen, and online trading is very important content in Shanghai Longfeng ali.

second, the number of transactions

The pen number


, for example, "fashion" is a very important and popular keywords, if you want to make this keyword in the search engine rankings, is the best guide line of the old customers to your keyword information in order, transaction number, you shop on the "Korean women" ranking will be more in front.


a product information transaction, under the same conditions, keywords this product information will be ranked in front.

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