From four aspects to completely change the website turtle speed status

website no picture will affect the interface friendly, but as everyone knows, the picture may be added to the site access speed is greatly reduced, so when used to image compression processing, grassroots webmaster can use for a compression of image processing, in addition, I suggest that you try to use static content, gorgeous degree of FLASH could increase the page, but for the spider, the spider did not catch a cold, do not grab any content, so webmaster do in vain, even if you are an independent host, I also recommend you as far as possible the use of static images, it is impossible to find a master task area A5 give yourself a pseudo static can.

awesome host

from the Shanghai dragon 1 times have good content, weight 2 times to Shanghai dragon have higher, and then whether today’s Shanghai Dragon 3 times to meet user needs? The optimization goal in Shanghai Longfeng quietly undergoing essential changes, of course, we also have to recognize the importance of user experience, and not to Shanghai Dragon about to meet the needs of users as a pseudo concept, so the owners began to renew the simple brains domain name, construction simple page, simplify the operation process, set up convenient button and so on, these measures to enhance the user experience is a great impetus to China, but there is a saying that good, called hit where it hurts in my opinion, to enhance the user experience is to make users access to the site the first step is to enhance the user access speed, the only way to users only Only the stick in your own web site, then improve the website access speed to do Kung Fu in what aspects? I give you 5 suggestions.

reduce the site load, remove or adjust the external script

Reduce the operating load

code is an external script we often use, can effectively reflect the site visit, "


said this before, I want to give you a suggestion, since the website, or to spend some money, for example, for a note good host, not to go to the use of cheap, seemingly free space, although it is free, but the size of the space, data transmission capacity and stability not in their own control, once I found there are 20 sites of a IP point, site access speed can be fast? So to choose a reasonable service business, not only can enjoy the quality of service, also allows service providers to maintain their own website. Why not?? if your site has been on the line, then your hosting suck, I advise you or replace the host service provider or upgrade the host, although the replacement of the web server will bring certain negative influence to their own web site, the ranking drop and so on, but these are temporary as long as, behind the work done well, the loss of the site can come back.

Although the

compressed images and try to use a static picture

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